The below list is comments from some of our patients, some comments have been truncated for brevity:

  • Everyone on the staff at 4920 Main Street was professional, efficient, and very friendly… I have an will always recommend this facility to everyone who needs an outpatient procedure.
  • My experience was very positive. I was somewhat nervous and the whole staff was wonderful and put me at ease right away. They worked as a great team and you felt it. THANK YOU!
  • The overall experience was superior to a ‘full hospital’. It was easy to get to and register. Staff was extremely attentive. My wife was able to stay with me through most of my stay at the facility. I give you the A+ you’ve earned.
  • The staff was wonderful! They explained everything along the way and cared for my daughter as I would.
  • All of the staff were caring and helpful. Every procedure was explained fully and clearly. I had an extremely positive experience. THANK YOU ALL!
  • Nurses and staff were very kind and had a smile which is rare and refreshing!
  • I have had to be in outpatient ambulatory environments before and they were great, however the SCC and especially its staff out surpass all others. I am so impressed.
  • I have been in other facilities, this one is the best. I would recommend this to my mother-in-law who is never happy.